Dentist in Strood, keeping your oral health care on track


Maintaining your teeth and gums requires a concerted team effort. At LLB Dental Clinic your oral healthcare team is ready to be part of your team. From the moment that you step into our modern dental clinic you will experience a service that is designed around you. As individuals we respond differently to situations and as a modern dentist in Strood we are dynamic in how we treat our patients. As part of your initial appointment, our warm and friendly team will not only examine your mouth but they will want to know about you, as a person. Understanding you as a patient, helps us to ensure that your time spent with us is memorable for all the right reasons. If you suffer from dental anxiety, you can feel confident that we have a great deal of experience in helping patients overcome their dental apprehension.

Tooth preservation

Retaining your teeth for the duration of your life is what we strive to achieve and with your regular, daily maintenance program and our regular checkups and treatment, this is an achievable goal. If you have a tooth that has become infected, our dentist in Strood and the team will always try to save your tooth. Root canal therapy is necessary when the pulp inside your tooth has become infected. Preserving the integrity of the tooth is done by removing the infected pulp, filling the tooth and then capping it with a crown that matches the shape and colour of your natural teeth.

Peaceful sleep

In some cases snoring as well as obstructive sleep apnoea can be corrected by our dentist in Strood fitting a specially designed oral device. After taking an impression of your teeth, a bespoke mouthpiece can be worn at night which will open up your airways and help you and your partner to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Always looking out for you!

When it comes to your oral care we are always looking out for you. Accidents are unfortunately a fact of life and if you should be unfortunate enough to have one which causes you to lose a tooth, we are here for you. One phone call to a member of our team and we will advise you on the correct procedure to get attended to quickly.

Keeping you smiling

Your smile is as important as being able to chew properly. We will always strive to restore your teeth and gums to perform their functions efficiently. Our team will also work hard to ensure that your aesthetic appearance is maintained and where possible improved. If you have misaligned teeth, we use the latest technological equipment to straighten your teeth. If you need a tooth to be filled we will use white fillings that blend in with your natural teeth. If you have lost a tooth there are a variety of ways to replace the lost tooth. Bridges and dentures have been the way of the past but dental implants are also available. Whichever way satisfies your needs your prosthetic teeth will be designed to compliment your face aesthetically.

Dentistry for the modern family

We encourage parents to bring their children in to see us from a young age to prepare them and reduce the possibility of dental anxiety later in their lives. We believe in being proactive rather than reactive because prevention is far better than having to fix a problem that has already occurred. Education, guidance and a proper oral hygiene plan will help you and your family to only need to visit our clinic once every six months.