Our dentist in Strood, making you smile proudly!


You too can be like Helen of Troy and have ‘a smile that could launch a thousand ships’. It is amazing that even Greek mythology identified the importance of a smile. It is a fact that your smile can be your secret weapon to achieve so many things, such as a job or a relationship. Being able to smile broadly, proudly and confidently should be a gift that we all possess. Sadly that is not the case, but at LLB Dental Clinic we are striving to make smiling a reality for all our patients.

Guardians of your body’s gateway

Your mouth is the gateway to your body! You nourish your body through your mouth, you take medication through your mouth, you express your feelings through your mouth. As your dentist in Strood we are here to help you maintain your oral cavity in a good healthy condition. We are part of your team, you are in charge and we provide the expertise and backup for you. Your wellbeing starts with your mouth. Our priority as your modern, dynamic dentist in Strood is to ensure that your teeth function as they were intended to function. Your teeth should meet so that they can chew your food properly. If they do not meet correctly we have the knowledge and expertise to align your teeth so that you can chew as nature intended. If you have lost a tooth because of tooth decay or through an accident, there are a variety of options such as dentures or a bridge to complete your dentition. Dental science has also produced a more permanent and stable solution, dental implants which mimic your natural teeth by being anchored into your jawbone. Our dental services include correcting misalignments or replacing lost teeth, as well as root canal treatment, tooth fillings and extractions to name a few.

Oral hygiene education

As a modern dentist in Strood we advocate a preventive dentistry approach, the old adage, prevention is better than cure, is as true today as when it was first coined. If you adhere to a solid regular oral hygiene regime you will ensure the longevity of your teeth. Education from a very young age will help to instil the importance of taking special care of your teeth and gums. The correct toothbrush and the correct technique of brushing and flossing, coupled with twice yearly dental surgery visits makes retaining your teeth for your lifetime more likely.

Cosmetic treatment is more than for good looks

Cosmetic dentistry plays an important role in preserving your teeth and keeping your gums healthy. As part of our routine, we always give our patients an examination which allows us to identify any problems or possible future problems. These dental examinations can reveal medical conditions such as liver problems from stained teeth or mouth cancer. Straighter teeth provide fewer places for bacteria to develop and bacteria cause tooth decay and bad breath. Even something which seems as straightforward as teeth whitening should not be treated as an unimportant procedure. The wrong solution can irritate your gums and result in teeth that are too white, resulting in an artificial appearance.