Why it’s so important to visit our dentist in Strood regularly


It is lamentable that far too many don’t prioritise their dental health needs as they do other health issues; this may be because they are still largely unaware of the fact that a healthy physical body needs the support of a healthy mouth.

Visiting our dentist in Strood for an oral health check is as essential for a healthy mouth as it is to protect physical health.

At LLB Dental Clinic, we believe in educating our patients about this all-important link between dental, physical and mental health. Patient education is essential if patients are to understand the vital necessity of keeping on top of their oral health and the reliance of a strong body on a disease-free mouth.

It has come to light that many people avoid important dental checkups due to their dental fears. Nervous patients may find dental appointments frightening, but thanks to modern dental methods and techniques, professional dental care today is very different from what it once was.

What is of immense help to nervous patients is choosing a dentist in Strood that is friendly, caring and able to accommodate the needs of dental-phobic patients. We have such an approachable dentist in Strood, and we encourage anxious patients to speak to us about their fears. It is only once we know about your needs that we can find suitable ways to meet them.

How does dental health support physical health

A dental checkup with our dentist involves a physical examination of teeth and gums to allow us to pick up on worrying symptoms and take necessary actions to prevent minor problems from progressing into major ones. Some of these issues have wider-ranging consequences than just affecting teeth and gums.

Teeth and gum health can deteriorate quickly if dental checkups are frequently skipped.

The first immediate concern is oral hygiene. You need regular dental cleanings performed by a professional dentist to ensure no plaque build-up threatens your teeth and gum health.

Brushing teeth at home twice a day is useful in keeping the mouth generally clean, but there are awkward spaces along the dental arch where toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Over time, these spaces collect food debris and bad bacteria.

Frequent consumption of sugary foods and beverages also creates an acidic environment in the oral cavity leading to the enamel weakening and cavities developing.

If these issues are not properly addressed with suitable preventive dentistry measures, tooth loss and gum disease follow. The loss of teeth will negatively affect your ability to eat properly and smile with confidence. Gum disease can be a threat to heart and lung health; the bacteria contributing to gum disease has been scientifically linked to life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and inflammatory lung conditions.

According to the general advice of dental authorities, dental checkups should be carried out every six months; however, you may need them more frequently depending on the state of your dental health. At LLB Dental Clinic, we are more than happy to play our part in keeping your mouth happy and healthy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment convenient to you.